Our "Trumpet" Newsletter . . .

. . . is a monthly publication that includes dates, times & details for all upcoming events both at the church & in our community.

Trumpet articles are due to the church office (EandRoffice@gmail.com) by noon on the 3rd Monday of each month.

A Message from our Pastor . . .

Many of us have been taught that our faith needs to be certain, solid and unfailing all the time, that we should never question, doubt, wonder, or wrestle with our faith. So, when something happens in our lives that does not align with our faith or causes us to reconsider our faith, we may think we are losing our faith or that we never had faith to begin with. Really though, that is not the case.

Our faith is constructed throughout our lives from many things – our relationship with God, reading the Bible, learning at church through worship and education, our interactions with other people and our life experiences. As we learn, do and experience more, our faith grows and changes. This often happens without us even realizing it.

When our life fits our faith and our faith fits our life, we may not notice that we are constructing our faith. Our faith may feel solid, until something happens that rocks or challenges it and us. Then it may feel like our faith is falling apart, when really, we are doing major reconstruction, we are discarding, rearranging, reinforcing and adding. Still, the foundation of our faith never changes because it is not anything we construct.

Rev Christine Wilke

Interim Pastor

God, who is solid, stable and trustworthy, who is known best to us through Christ Jesus, is the foundation of our faith. As the Psalmist writes, God is our rock and our redeemer. Our faith is built upon a foundation that cannot be moved by anything that happens in our lives. On top of that foundation rests the faith of our ancestors, known and unknown; millions of people whose faith persevered so that we could be here today. Our faith is built upon them.

So, the next time something happens that causes your faith to shift or fall apart, or you wonder, question, doubt, or wrestle with your faith, remember that you are not alone. God your foundation is with you, as are all those who persevered in their faith in the past and that will never change. Remember too that it is natural for your faith to grow and change and it is okay for you to leave some things behind, to rearrange and to add. Constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing are all part of your faith journey.

In joyful hope,

Pastor Christine