Summer fun Sundays . . . put these dates on your calendar:


June 30

Chalk the Walk

After worship, everyone is invited to use chalk in the parking lot & sidewalks to draw/write positive messages of encouragement, hope, faith & love.  Sunday school kids & youth will be available to help those who need it. While worship is going on, the Sunday school kids will be learning about how practicing acts of random kindness are doing God’s work.  


July 21

Popsicle Party

Popsicles for everyone YUM!!! After worship, everyone has the opportunity to play a round of indoor popsicle mini golf, take a whack at the popsicle pinata to win prizes, or make a popsicle card to send to a friend. Summer fun for ALL ages! During worship, Sunday school kids will learn how life with Jesus is a lot sweeter than without.   

August 4

Water Balloon World

SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! Water fun for Everyone! Join in some water balloon fun! Launch water balloons at moving targets (anyone can volunteer to be a moving target:), participate in a water balloon relay, or little ones can play in the water table. Don’t want to get wet? That’s okay, come & watch the fun & cheer on all the participants. During worship, kids will learn about stories in the Bible where water plays an important role.