Greetings from Women’s Fellowship!

Advent has begun!! A truly busy season!! A new start to a new year!!

Annual Kringle Sale

Our Kringle’s from O & H Bakery in Racine will be ready for pick-up on December 11. If you happen to be here for Community Christmas, you can pick-up then. We thank each & every one of you for your purchase. We sold 127 Kringle’s this year!! That should get Hebron Housing Services a good amount toward their needs. Thank You Again!!!!

We have one last remaining meeting for 2022 on

December 5 at 6:30 pm.

All ladies are welcome . . . the more the merrier!

Our Hat/Mitten/Scarf tree is up again this year. Bring in those beautiful items. The Hope Center is looking for all sorts of items.

The red barrel for Christmas Clearing Council is also here. Start shopping any sales that might be out there. Gift Cards are also accepted. Please turn them into Brigette in the office.

Angel’s Express: A service designed to provide meals for those in need due to illness, new baby or whatever might prevent someone from cooking for their family. If you know of someone or if you are that person, please let Pat Kruse know at 262-527-4027 & she'll take it from there to help make someone’s life a bit easier.

If you have any questions about Women’s Fellowship, please feel free to contact any of our Officers: Sue Manzke, President; Diane Backler, Vice-President; Bonnie Dowling, Secretary; Rosemary Riemer, Treasurer