Serving Team Schedule

Thank you all for your faithful commitment to our serving teams. We couldn’t do it without you. Below are the assigned servers for the upcoming months:

Please make sure your calendar is marked with the dates you're scheduled for. Should you need to make a switch, please arrange to do so with another server or a sub & let the office know of the change as soon as possible. Thanks! 

Serving date requests are due by the first Sunday of the month preceding the upcoming quarter:

June 4, 2023 for 3rd quarter; September 3, 2023 for 4th quarter

December 3, 2023 for 1st quarter 2024; March 3, 2024 for 2nd quarter

We’re always looking for new people to join a serving team to lighten the load of those that have long been committed to one or more of the teams. Please prayerfully consider becoming an Usher, Greeter, Soundboard Tech*, Childcare worker** or Liturgist & let the office know of your interest. Commitment is roughly once a month or less & can be worked around your schedule. Thanks for your consideration.

*Training required                   **Background Check required.